Graduate level

Introduction to Agricultural Economics, Universidade Federal de Rondônia

Instructor, Summer 2019

FIN 580: Big Data Analytics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign*

Teaching Assistant, Spring 2016

Undergraduate level

CS 477: The Consumer and the Market, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Instructor, Fall 2021 (Evaluations) and Spring 2022

AAE 215: Introduction to Agricultural Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Instructor, Spring 2022

AAE 350: World Hunger and Malnutrition, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Teaching Assistant, Spring 2020 (Evaluations 1, 2, 3, 4)

AAE 322: Commodity Markets, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Teaching Assistant, Spring 2018 (Evaluations 1, 2)

ACE 430: Food Marketing, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign*

Teaching Assistant, Spring 2015 & 2016

*Indicates course for which I did not lead discussion sections

Select student comments

CS 477

  • It (the instructor's teaching) can't be improved. It's at its highest level.

  • Marin is an awesome professor and deserves to keep teaching. She is awesome in every way and I hope the best for her future she helped me so much.

  • She knows the material super well. And is excited about it!

  • Marin is very enthusiastic which has made the course much more enjoyable.

AAE 350

  • Marin is receptive to student questions, and it's evident she takes the time and effort to help make sure students understand the course content.

  • Marin did a good job during discussion keeping us engaged and interested. She did a good job of explaining and simplifying complex topics.

  • I really love having Marin as my instructor. The way she explains topic materials, making it easy for students to understand.

  • Marin is very knowledgeable and speaks with a great sensitivity about poverty even when it got sad or controversial. Discussion sections were structured in a way that made it easy to engage and I enjoyed hearing Marin's input. Additionally, with the transition, Marin and the other TAs handled everything with great consideration - but I would say that Marin stood out as someone who provided understanding and resources.

AAE 322

  • Marin was an excellent TA for 322. By far the most helpful TA I have had throughout my courses here.

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